Engaging with you

Our approach

Our aim is to develop a business plan that meets the different and wide-ranging needs of our stakeholders.

We engage regularly with customers and stakeholders about how we run our business. The scale of this engagement has been growing during the current price period, and we are using these insights to inform how we run our business today and also how we will run it in future.

In our engagement so far, we have been asking open questions, listening carefully to your views and building a view of your priorities for 2023 to 2028.

In addition to our regular engagement, we are carrying out an extensive engagement programme to develop our RIIO-ED2 business plan. This programme started in September 2019 and will help us to develop our thinking and ensure that our plan delivers on your priorities. It will be our most ambitious and far-reaching engagement programme to-date.

To support this, we have developed a stakeholder charter, outlined below, which sets out our promise to you: to ensure that we run high-quality engagement which ultimately reflects your views in our business plan in a transparent, evidence-based manner. New priorities may emerge at any stage and these will be captured and considered within our plan development. To read more about our engagement programme, click here.


Stakeholder led

  • Our engagement is flexible, shaped by your priorities and evolves as outcomes become more defined
  • Early, deliberative engagement informs the structure of our plans and initial working assumptions to test with you


Representative and inclusive

  • Everyone in our region has the opportunity to contribute to our plans so that all voices are heard from across the diverse communities we service
  • New and innovative techniques are used to engage with those of you who are 'hard to reach'


Open & transparent

  • You are actively encouraged to participate in our planning process
  • You are kept informed of our decisions and rationale throughout the engagement process



  • Engagement methods are flexible, varied and unrestrictive to accommodate your differing needs
  • We will educate you as required to help you understand our business and the options available so that you can make better-informed decisions and provide richer input


Responsive & adaptive

  • Best proactive and lessons learned inform our approach
  • Our programme is flexible, evolving and adapting to change as we learn more about your needs

Building our plan around your priorities

We’ve been listening to your priorities in our engagement so far. Our Emerging Thinking has been shaped by the things we have already heard from you. We have been listening to your priorities and thinking hard about what that means for our plans.

We have already heard some very clear messages from you:

  1. Decarbonisation is a priority and you see us playing a major role in facilitating the transition to net zero, including providing access to energy system data.
  2. The safety, reliability and resilience of our network remains a top priority, arguably increasingly so as more reliance is placed on electricity in day-to-day life
  3. You expect us to show leadership on environmental protection, including reducing the carbon footprint of our operations
  4. You want us to continue to take a leading role in supporting vulnerable customers and to consider going further, including facilitating a socially inclusive transition to net zero
  5. You want us to do this whilst keeping bills low

We have designed an engagement plan, of which this document is just one part, to seek input from you to ensure we deliver on the needs of the diverse stakeholder community we serve. Our approach is designed to take your views into account at each stage as we develop and refine our business plan. The world around us is changing quickly – we will continue to listen to your priorities and feedback right through to when we submit our business plan in December 2021 and beyond. To read more about what we have been hearing from you, click here.