Working together to accelerate the uptake of Low Carbon Technologies

30 Sep 2020

10:00am - 12:00pm



Do you install low carbon technologies? Get on your soapbox at our interactive workshop for the North East, Yorkshire and northern Lincolnshire.

Now is a critical time. Purchasing decisions are being made. EVs are rolling off forecourts. Low carbon energy generation is increasing across the UK.

By 2028 we expect to see over a million customers in our region making the switch to EVs and hundreds of thousands choosing electrical heating. These estimates could be revised upwards significant faster if ICE vehicle bans or incentives on heat come into play.

This points to one clear need; as the organisation that connects these low carbon technologies to the power network, we must remove as many barriers to adoption as possible.

Low Carbon Technology (LCT) Installers have a huge role to play on the front line of reaching Net Zero and in shaping the future of the electricity network that underpins the technology. We recognise this and want to support you by improving the connections process and being your trusted partner for every installation.

At Northern Powergrid, we want to empower the installers working in our regions to get connected to our network – and are seeking your feedback on how to do this.

We are inviting all installers to join us for a workshop on 30th September where we will:

  1. Offer you a soapbox to discuss what’s working and what’s not in the connection process. Together we’ll develop ideas for improvement based on your feedback. All ideas are welcome.
  2. Bring you up to speed on our powerful new AutoDesign tool that can help you identify the most cost-effective locations for new EV charging infrastructure while cutting the time it takes to get a free of charge estimate for the work from c.10 days via a paper application to just 10 minutes online.
  3. Foster discussions about the real-life barriers to LCT adoption and identify ways that we can help you to overcome them.

During the online interactive session, we will also present Emerging Thinking on our forthcoming business plan ( that outlines how we might develop our connections business over the next 5 year price control period (2023-2028). We are eager to seek your feedback to shape our business plans and priorities.

This invitation is open to any LCT Installer working on projects (current or future) in our operating region of the North East, Yorkshire and northern Lincolnshire. The session will be held using the Zoom platform.


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