Industrial Stakeholders Engagement Session

19 Oct 2021

10:00am - 11:30am



Our electricity network will be instrumental in the shift to low carbon energy and enabling Yorkshire and the North East to achieve net zero. To support this, we are planning to increase investment by 36% to £3.2 billion to ensure that we can meet the expected growth in demand.

We want to make sure that our plan not only speaks to the increase in electricity we will see from domestic use, but also meets the specific needs of industrial stakeholders in the region.

We have submitted a draft business plan to Ofgem which sets out the action we will take for 2023-28 to enable decarbonisation in the region. There is still time to refine it before we submit the final version in December.

We think our plan delivers on key points we have heard from our extensive engagement with domestic customers, industry, local government and others including:

• Decarbonisation is the top priority and you see us playing a major role in facilitating this.

• The reliability of our network is even more important than ever.

• We will deliver a cost‐effective, efficient and personalised service for all our connections customers with upfront support before making an application.

However, we know that the challenges and requirements for major energy users are unique and to make sure that we have addressed them fully, we need to hear from you about where you think our plan can be improved.

We are holding an online meeting specifically for industrial stakeholders to discuss these issues in more depth. To hear more about what our plan means for industry, share your feedback and ask any questions, we would be delighted for you to join us.


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