Accelerating the uptake of Low Carbon Technologies: working with installers

12 Feb 2021

01:00pm - 03:00pm



The last 12 months have seen a boom in interest for low carbon technologies.

Now is a critical growth time, and installers are right on the front line of this expanding industry.

By 2028 we expect to see over a million customers in our region making the switch to EVs and nationally we could see 600,000 heat pump installations per year by 2028. These estimates is likely to grow given the recent acceleration of the ICE vehicle ban and government-driven enthusiasm for heat pump deployment.

This points to one clear need, as the organisation that safely and securely connects these low carbon technologies to the power network, we must remove as many barriers to adoption as possible.

A trusted partner for every installation

Low Carbon Technology (LCT) Installers have a huge role to play in reaching net zero and in shaping the future of the electricity network that underpins the technology. We recognise this and want to support you by improving our connections service and processes and being your trusted partner for every installation.

At Northern Powergrid, we want to empower the installers working in our region to get connected to our network – and are seeking your feedback on how to do this.

Shaping the power network your installations connect to

As installers, your insight into our network and connections process is unrivalled.

We are inviting all installers to join us for a virtual workshop on 12 February 2021 where we will:

Update you on changes to policies and procedures. Give you the chance to hear about real-world challenges and solutions from our team and fellow installers. Offer you a soapbox to discuss what’s working and what’s not in the connection process. Together we’ll develop ideas for improvement based on your feedback. All ideas are welcome. Foster discussions about the real-life barriers to LCT adoption and ways that we can help you to overcome them. This invitation is open to any LCT Installer working on projects (current or future) in our operating region of the North East, Yorkshire and northern Lincolnshire. The session will be held using the Zoom platform.

Accelerated Loss of Mains Change

We know that Accelerated Loss of Mains Change is on your radar.

It’s especially relevant to those of you who have installed wind and solar assets with a registered capacity between ~11kW and 49.999MW commissioned before 01/02/2018.

As you are aware, many asset owners of these type must make a mandatory upgrade to their systems to be compliant with new National Grid ESO regulations. The changes must be made by September 2022 and currently, funding is available.

We are encouraging all installers to contact their customers to ensure these changes are in hand. Many of you may also be able to support your clients to make these changes and with applying for the funding.

If you have any questions about Acceleration Loss of Mains Change you can speak to John Rowland ( or Steven Inglis (

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