Local Area Energy Plan Workshop

24 Mar 2022

03:00pm - 04:30pm



An effective, affordable, timely, and fair transition to achieve the net zero target will require coordination between local and national government, network operators, energy suppliers, businesses, and individual consumers. Currently, there is no structured, whole system planning process in place to help manage this transition.

Local Area Energy Plans (LAEPs) could play a role in creating a joined-up regional consensus and call for coordinated action that is required, and providing robust evidence for planning for (and investment in) net zero energy systems. Over the last two years, through Local Authority Forums, meetings, and direct working, we have discussed local decarbonisation plans and explored how LAEPs should be defined.

Representing key energy infrastructure organisations in the region, Northern Powergrid and Northern Gas Networks have published a joint 'LAEP charter', outlining our shared commitments to support local government in reaching net zero. Shaped by the local governments, it includes a commitment to continue facilitating a single, joined up conversation, so that local governments do not need to navigate between the networks as they develop decarbonisation plans, and a commitment to support local governments with exploring a range of pathways to reach net zero.

In this joint Northern Powergrid and Northern Gas Networks workshop, as well as hearing about local examples on progress in developing a LAEPs, we are keen for all attendees to share their insights and challenges. We want to hear from you on what support you may need from us over the next year to help the development of a LAEP in your area and re-examine the role of the energy networks in supporting and enabling local action.

We will also provide an update on our plans and priorities for enabling decarbonisation across the region in the 2020s, including Northern Powergrid’s plan for recruiting a team of LAEP advisers. We will then share and consult you on a specific proposal the energy sector is considering through Energy Network Association's Open Networks programme for facilitating whole-systems approach to energy planning.



Anda Baumerte

Sustainability Manager, Northern Powergrid


Jim Cardwell

Head of Policy Development, Northern Powergrid


Katie Privett

Energy Programme Lead


Melanie Taylor

Northern Gas Networks


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